Sunday, February 2, 2014

Snowmageddon Atlanta 2014--What Happened?

For an explanation about what happened in the Atlanta metro area after a "snowstorm," I give you this, Milton County.

Milton County

Secession from Fulton County

You probably didn't read this in the newspapers or see it on mainstream television. But, the real reason for the nightmare that unfolded in Atlanta is the historical legacy of Jim Crow and contemporary institutional racism. Atlanta is a sprawling mega-tropolis because white people do not want to live in the same neighborhoods as black people, and the construction, real estate, and mortgage industry encouraged and profited from white people's fear of black people, resulting in massive white flight. In addition, most southern whites fear "big government" which has resulted in Atlanta metro area fiefdoms that do not coordinate with each other and believe the best and only kind of good government is local government. Has anyone ever noticed how small Georgia counties are, geographically? Unfortunately, this kind of government does not work well when there is a large-scale weather event. While the mayor of Atlanta does not get a free pass, I also think he is unfairly getting a large share of the blame for the mess that happened in areas outside of his jurisdiction. And, to get back to Milton county, the folks in Alpharetta want this separate tiny county, mostly because they do not want to pay taxes for public services (like public education) for black people in southern areas of Fulton county. Yet, at the same time, they still want to be able to drive to Atlanta proper to enjoy the many things that Atlanta has to offer--The High, the Hawks, the Falcons. They just do not want to pay taxes to maintain the roads in that part of Fulton county. They want their own little county, or fiefdom, if you will. Many of the suburban areas outside of Atlanta have been fighting for years to oppose the expansion of the MARTA because they do not want black people to come to their lily white suburbs. They would rather pay for gas for their SUVs to sit in traffic for an hour an a half to get to and from work than to have to interact with black people on the MARTA. And, there you have it. (This is not an indictment of any particular suburban Atlanta white people).

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